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An Introduction to Crystals workshop


This workshop is an introduction to crystals and crystal energy. We will be exploring the benefit of crystals for personal use... what they do... how they work... and how to learn to trust and develop your intuition in connecting with crystals. We'll  look at the properties of quartz, choosing crystals, the ethics of sourcing and more in a small group setting, with time to enquire and experiment!


We will end with a crystal alchemy sound bath so you can leave feeling sparkly!


The cost is £50, including some crystals to choose and take home from a large selection.

Full payment will secure your place. Cancellations within a week of the workshop cannot be refunded, though with over a weeks notice, payment can be transferred to another workshop or used against sessions.


The workshop takes place at 339, Skircoat Green Road, Halifax, HX3 0LX


Contact Natalie for booking details.


Upcoming dates:

23rd February 1-5pm (SOLD OUT)

Saturday 25th July 1-5pm

Next dates for Energy protection & clearing with Plant essences...


Saturday 25th January

Sunday 29th March

An Introduction to Petaltone Plant Essences 

for aura cleansing, space clearing and protection


This is a practical and experiential workshop to introduce you to how plant essences work and how we can use them. The essences work on many levels. In this workshop we will cover the basics of energy management.. clearing and protection. We will cover how to use them in our personal energy field/aura and how to use them in the home or work/therapy space. We will also look at how crystals can assist and how to cleanse and charge crystals using the essences.


The essences are particularly useful in assisting those with general energy sensitivity and empathic tendencies (being a sponge for the energies of other people and/or places). The workshop is also very suited to energy workers, therapists and anyone working in a therapeutic/caring environment or holding space for others, however it’s suitable for anyone, no experience required.


We'll end the workshop with a crystal alchemy sound bath so that you can leave feeling restored and sparkly.


Petaltones plant essences have been made in the south west UK for 25 years by David Eastoe. They come highly endorsed by Judy Hall, author of the Crystal Bible series who has been working with David in testing the essences for most of this time.


Natalie is a Petaltone practitioner & guide, crystal therapist (ACHO) and sound healer (CMA), working with Crystal Tones alchemy singing bowls. She incorporates the plant essences, finding them amazingly effective and very simple to use.


The workshop will take place at 339, Skircoat Green Road. The cost of the workshop is £50 and includes a plant essence of your choice and a crystal alchemy sound bath to finish, so you can leave feeling restored and completely sparkly!


For more info, contact Natalie


Upcoming dates:

Sunday 29th March 1-5pm

Saturday 27th June 1-5pm