"Natalie delivers a wonderful experience in an intimate studio where you are immediately made to feel welcome and at ease. She is attentive to your comfort and wellbeing, providing the perfect environment for deep cleansing and relaxation. During the sound bath I go on a journey unlike anything else I've experienced. It has helped me to shift unwanted feelings and emotions. I've been able to employ some of the breathing techniques learned through yoga nidra to cope with anxiety. I also enjoy the chocolate and chat that occurs after each session. Yoga nidra is a lovely way to look after yourself and I can't recommend it enough."

JL, Halifax


"I have become a fan of yoga nidra with Natalie. From my first taster session to the delight of mother and daughter sessions, I have thoroughly enjoyed this deep meditative practice. In the calm of Natalie's studio I was invited to comfortably relax, to the sound of cystal bowls being played gently as a background. Natalie guided us through a powerful visualisation, into a deep altered state. Coming gently back to the present there is a feeling of having been asleep for hours, but only a fraction of that time had actually passed.

I was also impressed with the impact of yoga nidra on my daughter. During her GCSE's she had sessions with Natalie and enjoyed finding that sense of calm, which carried into her exams. I'm sure that contributed to her success. The sessions have also helped us to maintain a balance in our relationship during a period of change.

I would heartily recommend Natalie to anyone. Her professionalism, compassion and devotion to offering the best practice is very clear. Treat yourself to a yoga nidra session, I'm sure you won't be disappointed."

AC, Hebden Bridge


"I have been taking part in Natalie's nidra classes for 3 months. During this time my GP has asked me to monitor my blood pressure as it was border line for medication, (something I wanted to avoid). I am very pleased and relieved to say, that since my regular nidra sessions my blood pressure has returned to normal levels and this has been maintained. I also feel much calmer in myself, even though I had had a very stressful event to deal with in the last two months. I can't recommend Natalie enough."

JG, Halifax


"I attended a sound bath facilitated by Natalie. It was a wonderful, profoundly healing session. Natalie has a deep and heart-felt connection with the crystal bowls, and it was a nurturing and deeply relaxing experience."

PS, Macclesfield


I attended Natalie’s sound bath session while visiting the UK. It was an amazing experience. Her voice and the way she played the bowls were hypnotising. Her sound bath took me to ancient times and cleansed me deeply. I felt very energised and full after her session.

S. Azoky


"Natalie, beautiful soul. Your crystal sound bath was like a heavenly symphony to me - it transported me into a blissfull flow of pure etherial sounds and relaxed me so completely ... I felt so light and free... so held and protected... it was such a deep and blissful experience I did not want it to stop! I would love to hear it again and, living abroad, can only hope you will record your soundbaths so everyone can share in this experience."




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