Crystal & Sound Therapy

One to one sessions with Natalie

Crystal therapist (ACHO) and Crystal sonic therapist (CSP, CMA)


What is it?


Crystal & Sound therapy works on restoring energy and balance, on all levels. It is a holistic, non-invasive and complimentary therapy, using crystals and Crystaltones alchemy singing bowls.


Natalie works works primarily in the energy field or 'aura' around the body, according to the needs of each client. She uses crystal and/or sound healing techniques along with aura essences. These are vibrational healing methods which work on the subtle energy, which although unseen, can be perceived and felt. We can hold dissonance in the electromagnetic energy field and in the subtle energy centres (the chakras) that can affect us on a physical level. These distortions can be memories or emotions which manifest as specific frequency patterns or 'fuzzy' energy.


Natalie works in the aura to integrate and release any dissonant frequencies. Crystals and sound help to bring deep relaxation. In this deeply relaxed state the body's innate healing capacity is enhanced.


You don't have to have a reason for coming. Nothing need seen to be broken or need fixing. The crystal alchemy bowls are a really unique gift. If you feel curious or drawn to come and experience them, do.


Natalie has been working as a crystal therapist (ACHO) alongside her shop business since 2014. She went on to train in yoga (Yogacampus), yoga nidra (TYN), EFT (emotional freedom technique), crystal sonic therapy (Crystal Sonic Practice) and is currently training to be a practitioner in Petaltones essences with David Eastoe. Natalie is a Petaltones guide. She can dowse to find the right plant essences and/or crystals to help you on request.


Read more about therapeutic sound, crystals and the crystal alchemy bowls and take care to read the contraindications and terms below if you'd like to book in.



The benefits


Bringing the field back into balance can help in many ways, including...


- feeling physically restored, rested and re-energised

- better sleep, which in turn supports general health and wellbeing

- integration and alignment of energy when we are feeling out of balance, anxious or ill at ease

- helping to navigate and move through life changes


The crystal alchemy singing bowls can also help support spiritual growth and awakening, having powerful clearing and light bringing qualities. They assist with energy grounding, integration, alignment and expansion.


If you are a healer, therapist or caring for others, the sessions are effective in supporting energy management and self-care.





If you have a pacemaker, sound therapy is not advisable (however crystal therapy alone is fine).

If you suffer from Epilepsy, sound therapy is not advisable.

If you are pregnant, it's recommended that you avoid therapy within the first 3 months.

Please let Natalie know if you are pregnant, have ever suffered a seizure, or are hypersensitive to sound.

Please be aware that if you have any metal plates or implants, these can sometimes be felt, though not necessarily and it may not affect your experience in any way.



Payment and terms


Sessions are £40 (allow 1-1.30 hrs)

or book 3 sessions for £110 (£36 per session)


A minimum of 24 hours notice is required for cancellation prior to the session, without which the client is required to pay for the session in full.


Payment is either by bank transfer in advance or cash on arrival.

Natalie reserves the right to ask for payment in advance and to refuse treatment at any time.


Contact Natalie on 07929 889062 or email [email protected]

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